website voor de interactive-environments minor TU Delft


About the Interactive Environments Minor

Website for The Interactive Environments Minor (TU Delft) Student Information and showcases about exploring the possibilities for interactive spaces in which people and buildings engage in a mutual relationship. By connecting data and experiences that develop through this relationship, the built environment becomes an interactive, adaptive and animate entity. The course aims to merge experimental architecture, CNC prototyping technologies, human-computer interaction knowledge and the techniques of sketching with technology. This to provide ambitious, multidisciplinary students with the conceptual and practical tools for mastering a newly emerging phenomenon: interactive environments.

About the website

Since the students who are participating in the minor are providing a lot of interesting (photo) material we decided to focus on the visual part of the design. Being able to use high quality photo’s we choose for a parallax scrolling effects at the home page and information page in which the background of the website moves at a different speed as the rest of the page for an impressive visual effect. The projects page has  a special focus on making the proces visible.


The Interactive Environments Minor.