2019 Website ❤️ Roundup


Een round-up voor de laatste dosis creatieve website-inspiratie in 2019 met een overzicht van mijn persoonlijke favoriete websites op het world wide web. 💣vol nieuwe manieren van navigeren, interactive logotypes, animaties en realtime user interactions.


Gen Z Beauty Brand. Bold, moody and slightly self-absorbed. Fluff was designed to be a mirror: a true reflection of a target audience.
By Love&Money (Australia)
A virtual platform in which Survivors can share their experiences and connect with others who have been impacted by gun violence.
By Purpose (USA)

An editorial style, visual glimpse into the creation, history and expansions of the iconic 17th-century Amsterdam canals.

By Marcus Brown & Aristide Benoist (NL)
Marble is a science and art collective incubated by UNICEF that tackles complex problems affecting children around the world.
By JKR Global (USA>
A festival based on a new sound and contemporary art proposal, influenced by historical roots and futuristic evolutions.
By Niccoló Miranda (Italy)
Classic Indian cooking dished up in a casual yet hopping environment with vintage accents.
By More by More (Australia)
Universal Sans is a variable typeface system that allows people to customise and download their own sans serif typeface.
By Twomuch Studio (UK)
Trippin is a new-gen travel platform to share the experience through collaborating with real people, documenting real culture.
By Bong (Ireland)
A commercial compostable waste collection service, each week collecting over 40,000kg of organic waste and diverting it from going to landfill.
By Seachange (New Zealand)
A visual design studio based on an open and multidisciplinary approach to design, the studio conceives work that is smart and succinct.
By Chevalvert (France)
A creative electronic music festival in Roermond. The three parallax scenes appear randomly when the user toggles the navigation
By Gewest 13 (Netherlands)
A contemporary spin on a vintage concept bringing traditional tattooing online
By Strike (Canada)