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Firelay Liferay Managed Services



The Firelay website was created to offer managed services for Liferay Portals.
It reflects their new strategic focus. Their customer services consist of three cornerstones. Hosting consultancy, Liferay Cloud, and Managed Services. All can be easily accessed through the homepage. Updated information, improved accessibility and a chat function. Getting in touch has never been easier. The website also features a partner program and a Liferay demo.


Every site needs hosting, but there are only so many Liferay hosting specialists. Firelay is known as the most experienced with hosting or managing Liferay. Whether you want well thought-out sizing, the best-performing sites or smooth setups. We have done it all. Uptime, scaling or disaster recovery? Don’t worry about it, your sites will be monitored and controlled by Liferay experts.
We continuously research and improve our hosting. This way, we can offer you and your customers the best possible solutions. Use the state of the art without having to invest in it.


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