layout blocks



The Text Column Block allows you to create layouts with multiple (max. 6) [1] columns. Columns are for text only. The Block editor provides the usual text editing options [2] and no images or media can (yet) be placed in this block.

Fontsize [3], Dropcap [4] and color settings [5 + 6] are possible

more / separator / spacer


With the More tag you can determine which part of the text is shown in the Archive overview.

The separator is a horizontal line. The styling is determined by the WordPress theme you use. You have the choice between a long and a short continuous line and a broken line.

The Spacer creates space without content. The height can be indicated in pixels as well as with the help of the blue dots.


Although I have tried to write an up-to-date manual, information may be out of date due to updates from the WordPress Team. I cannot guarantee the correctness of the content and cannot be held liable.

Last updated on 28.12.2022

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