extra blocks

quote block


The Quote block is a block that allows you to highlight a quote and where the quote comes from.

You can choose between two different layouts. One layout is designed to appear larger than the other, but your theme determines how a quote & quote will look like.

pullquote block


With the Pullquote block you draw attention to an important piece of text in your post or page in a more graphic way. While a standard Quote block usually quotes an external source, a pull quote quotes part of your own article. It has considerably more options than the Quote Block. There are also two styles available here, but these can also be adjusted in the Color Settings. It is also possible to place a Pullquote in a text.

verse block


The Verse Block is for writing poetry, lyrics and other literary excesses. Unlike standard paragraph formatting, it leaves all spaces and line breaks untouched. Everything is displayed exactly as you enter it.

Apart from just a few typographic styling options (bold, italics, and strikethrough), the design of the Verse Block depends on the theme you're using.

more blocks

Not only is there a wide range of blocks included within WordPress there are also a lot of third-party developers who have created blocks, like our Spectra or WooCommerce Blocks. You can even make your own blocks.


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Last updated on 28.12.2022

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