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A website for The Interactive Environments Minor (TU Delft) Student Information and showcases about exploring the possibilities for interactive spaces in which people and buildings engage in a mutual relationship. Since the students who are participating in the Interactive Environments minor are providing a lot of interesting (photo) material we decided to focus on the visual part of the design. Being able to use high-quality photo’s we choose for a parallax scrolling effects at the home page and information page in which the background of the website moves at a different speed as the rest of the page for an impressive visual effect. The projects page has a special focus on making the process visible.

Interactive Environments Minor WebsiteAbout the Interactive Environments Minor

In the bachelor program of our university, the first semester in the third year is dedicated to a semester long course called a minor. There is a range of different minors allowing the bachelor students to gain work experience or obtain a broader perspective on their own topic.

The name “interactive environments” to describe a new kind of environments whose many parts dynamically “interact” with one another and with people. You might have encountered such environments in the form of interactive art installations, “smart” homes, or automated office spaces. Such environments may have many different functions, but what they have in common is the use of digital technology to enable them to interact with people. They also often leave us behind with a feeling that so many more functionalities and experiences could be created with interactive technology.

In the interactive environments minor you will learn how to design, engineer, prototype and test new kinds of such complex interactive environments. You will also critically reflect on the implications interactive environments may have on our society and culture.

The Interactive Environments Minor.