Adding and changing content (texts, images or sound) on a wordpress website is not that difficult. But it can just happen that you don't remember what the situation was with that gallery or how to add a category to the menu. Hence this guide!

Login & dashboard

To get to the login screen, use the following URL:
Of course, you have to replace your-site-name with your own domain name.


Login Scherm
Enter your username and password. If your username is still ADMIN, change it immediately and make sure you use a strong password . Once you are logged in, the "Dashboard" will appear. The foundation of your website here you will find everything you need to manage your website.



At the very top, in the horizontal bar, you will find the toolbar with shortcuts to a number of frequently used functions. First on the left is the home [🏠] symbol and domain name. This allows you to switch between the back-end and front-end of your site.


  1. Shows the number of updates. You can also update them directly.
  2. Recent comments that have not yet been approved.
  3. Add a new post, page, image, link, or user.
  4. Username of the person currently logged in. The dropdown lets you edit your profile or log out.
  5. Help and Screen Options.
    a) Help provides information about the sections on the page you are on. That is different for every page.
    b) Screen Options / Screen settings that allow you to turn options on or off. What you see depends on the page you have open.
  6. WordPress version
* Plugins will also add shortcuts to the toolbar. Information about these shortcuts can be found in the plugin's documentation.

dashboard menu


In the left column, you will see tabs with which settings can be adjusted or changed. Such as: adding new pages, modifying comments, etc. By selecting one of the tabs, you will see the available options. Click the arrow at the bottom right of the menu to hide the menu.

Main menu options

  • Dashboard:
    Under the home tab you will see, depending on the set screen options (top right), which WordPress and Theme version you are using, an overview of the number of Posts, Pages, and comments and information from a number of plugins you use, such as Google Analytics. The tab below indicates the number of available updates.
  • Posts:
    View and/or maintain your messages here, create a new message and manage your categories and/or tags.
  • Media:
    Here you will find all media files, such as photos, movies, documents and music. You can also add files here.
  • Pages:
    View, maintain or create new pages.
  • Comments:
    Manage visitor comments
  • Appearance:
    Changing the Theme, adjustments, and/or adding widgets, menus, and sidebars. The customized options depend on the theme you are using. With the edit option, you can make adjustments in the theme. My advice is to stay away from that especially if you don't know exactly what you're doing and always make a backup before doing anything.
  • Plugins:
    Add, remove, activate and deactivate. With plugins, you can extend the standard features of WordPress.
  • Users:
    The users of your site with job descriptions. You can choose between Administrator, Editor, Author, Writer, and Subscriber. If you have a webshop, you can also choose Customer and Store Manager.
  • Tools:
    Tools for, for example, importing or exporting data
  • Settings:
    Adjust page URL, set your homepage, privacy, and news page or adjust settings, and indicate whether or not you allow comments. Usually, you don't need to change these settings once you've done that.

* Depending on the plugins you use, their options may also appear in your dashboard.

navigation / menus

In the menu interface you can create various menus. Including submenus, with pages of posts, portfolios, categories, links etc.
  1. Selecting a menu or creating a new menu
  2. Selecting and adding menu items, works the same with the other items.
  3. Edit options *
    a) name/label
    b)position menu item
    c) delete item.
  4. By indenting the menu items, a submenu can be created.
  5. Choose menu location

* The grahic display section is a plugin that makes it possible to add icons or images to the menu


Although I have tried to write an up-to-date manual, information may be out of date due to updates from the WordPress Team. I cannot guarantee the correctness of the content and cannot be held liable.

Last updated on 28.12.2022

* It is not allowed to copy, change or submit the content and/or layout under your own name to offer.